VW Bus Sketch

This morning as I was trying to work on my final paper, I immediately starting to not work on my final paper. I began doodling a little VW Bus, thinking about my next travels, and it reminded me of my parents. Nate and I have both been extremely blessed with such rad parents. 

One story that I will never forget was a trip up to Montana with my old man and Nate. We went up there for a bike race. The plan was to drive up, race, and then my dad was going to ride his bike home, camping and fishing along the way. We were debating to drive straight home, or spend a few days in Yellowstone and surrounding areas. Our decision was made for us when we woke up, my dad had already hit the road on his bicycle, and there was a quote taped to the steering wheel. 

“Only those who will risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go”
— TS Elliot

It may have been a simple gesture, and done without much thought, but it hit me pretty hard, and has stuck with me. I hope to be more like my old man.  Get out there, push limits, push boundaries, and see just how far you can go. 

Just so you know, its the peple who are part of our lives that make every moment worth it. They reveal us, grow with us, and share our time with us. Don’t ever let them go”